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A salute to everyone who enter into this blog and dig into the different interviews we have been posting every week or more, the main idea is that those beginning filmmakers could learn or catch certain idea up from people that have made a feature film, That's the core matter here, that's why I appreciate the time that each f the interviewee take to reply the questions I ask them, really, thank.

In this time I had the fortunate to talk with JAMISON LOCASCIO, a young promising filmmaker that already has three feature films and a bunch of short films over his back... A dedicate person, sure thing and his partner in action ADAM AMBROSIO, both, they have constructed a production company called FILM VALOR and together scope their future.  For the occasion we talked about their last project, the horror movie KNOW FEAR, a supernatural horror story, released out this year.

They took out some free time and gave me the best answers to my questions, I must give them the thanks again. 

I know you  will like it, just have to scroll down and read it... come on!

EFF: Let me thank you for letting me chat with you, really. Jamison and Adam, where are you from and what made you want to be a filmmaker?

JL: I was always making films in high-school but I was interested in producing films.  I was very very lucky and I met a great mentor in college who said “you really should direct and write films for yourself.”  I followed that advice worked very very hard and with study, a lot of practical experience and focus I was able to create those opportunities.

We have built a production company now that has really grown, my business partner Adam Ambrosio and myself called FILM VALOR.  Adam has his own great story of how he came into this all and you will see the similarities in the journey of a lot of hard-work, passion for film etc.

EFF: Did you study anything related to films or are you a self-learner?

JL:  I have a BFA in filmmaking but I would still consider myself self taught with some great mentors (mainly one who taught me a lot about filmmaking in general).  I had to truly learn editing, cinematography, feature film screenwriting, sound design, color correction, website design, business, management and much much more on my own.  After 10 plus years, this is all just part of the process at this point.

EFF: How did the story happen? You co-wrote it alongside Adam Ambrosio, right?

AA: We saw a horror film we did not like and that’s when Jamison turned to me and said I never want to make a horror film.  I was shocked and wanted to show him the real horror films I grew up on.

JL:  I was really serious but he was gracious enough to show me over 300 HORROR films and I saw HALLOWEEN and Donald Pleasance made me GET IT…I remember saying that guy is a perfect representation of the entire genre.  He warns the audience what they are in for and then we go on the ride with him and want to see him succeed.  That is fun and great horror films in a nut-shell.  I was IN to make our own horror film once Adam gave me a true passion for the genre…I was really IN once I saw EVIL DEAD (and HALLOWEEN, 1978)!!!
KNOW FEAR (2021)
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EFF: What was the toughest point to set up when you started to create the script?

AA: It was hard to connect all the abilties for the audience to understand.  One of the people in our film KNOW FEAR can see the demon, one can hear it another can speak to it in it’s language.  It is difficult to pull that off without clear and simple storytelling.

EFF: Did you first get the location and then crafted the script or vice versa? 

JL:  We got the location whitch was perfect for what we wanted with minor changes.

EFF: Would you describe to us the project process from ground off to screen? I mean, how was the set up? How did you get investors, how was the funding collection?

AA: We reached out to friends, family and contacts and we met them with

JL: We created what they call the “look book” it is a key ingredient, we believe.  You need to show people something they can touch and feel that is tangible becuase you are selling an idea…something that does not yet exist.  The “look book” discusses the film, the cast, the story, the filmmaking team behind it, resources our company has that make it uniquely qualified to put together low-buget quality projects (like owning all of our own filmmaking gear) and more.

EFF: How was the casting process, how actors got involved in the film?

JL: Judy Henderson C.S.A. did a great job bringing the cast in for auditions for us to meet and pick the best people for this film.
Jamison Locascio

EFF: Now, after you get funding and location and you commence shooting, what setbacks did you find during the shooting and how did you overcome it? 

JL: Doing an 18 day shoot is tricky when it is mostly at night because you have to shoot odd hours.  That being said, we made our day and were really ahead of schedule for the entire shoot.  I think we had over 5 days that we only shot for 5-6 hours of an 8 hour schedule, that is pretty fast.

EFF: What kind of director do you consider yourself? How do you set up  your day-to-day work process? Do you storyboard all your scenes or while on the location you configure out the shots and angles?

JL: I plan everything from the ground up with moment to moment storyboards that I draw enterely by hand.  I like to cast the very best actors possible who hopefully want to be there and care about the story and I need to see who they are and what they can do once I get in the room/in to the scenes with them.
"Know Fear"

EFF: What do you think is the key at the moment to prepare a good scare scene?

JL: Anticipation is the key and when it delivers…it needs to not quite be what they were expecting…something mysterious and simultaneously a shock.  Doing that anticipation and delivery is a balance and it is based on what YOU want to see/what scares you.  That is the key, you need to trust your instincts.

EFF: How long it took you to shoot the film and what date was it and when?

JL: We shot from February 4th-20th, 2020. 18 days.

EFF: Did you print any reference on the movie that we can see? Which one?

AA: Lovecraft references throughout, John Carpenter references.

JL: The characters first names in KNOW FEAR are the all the lead actors first names from HALLOWEEN (1978).
Adam Ambrosio

EFF: What camera did you use and why? What other technical aspects could you tell us about the film? 

JL: Red camera, 8k.  It was the best quality at the price/time for us.  We had very limited lighting equipment and crew and moved fast.

EFF: When the film was out and where people can watch it?

AA: You can watch the film NOW!  KNOW FEAR is on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Roku Channel, Youtube Movies, Microsoft movies.

EFF How has the audience response so far?

AA: It has been very positive and we are thankful for our first horror film, it had alot of the viewers that really enjoyed it.

EFF: What are your inspiration; directors or films?

AA: All the John Carpenter films, Dunwich Horror, Jaws, etc.

JL: John Carpenter, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa.
Jamison Locascio

EFF: What is the hardest thing about being a horror director?

JL: You need to have supense and horrror suspense is not the same as thriller suspense.  Horror suspense is walking slowly through a room to get to a light switch while asking if someone is there in the dark.  Thriller suspense is knowing the lightswitch will activate a bomb and another character is running to stop them from hitting the switch.  Maybe a crazy example but it is that difference that makes it a craft of its own.

EFF: What advice would you give to those newbie filmmakers from your experience, i mean, during pre, production or post, any advice is gold.

JL:  Have the longest pre-production you can possibly have with meticoulous planning so you can shoot fast, cheap and within budget with God’s help.

EFF: How have you lived this pandemic? Personally, Professionally…

AA: Being in the covid lockdown does suck but one of the smart things we did was we developed a system to stay productive.  We keep budgets low and the quality as high as possible.  There is always something we are doing.

EFF:  What new projects are you working on now, something you can anticipate us now?

AA: We are working on a horror anthology film called HOW DARK THEY PREY.  We are in the middle of production.

JL: All the stories are very exciting more like Twilight Zone, which we love.  One deals with cosmic horror, aliens, WW2, and finally…a black and white slasher.

EFF: If a producer gives you a chance to direct a horror film remake, what would it be and why?

AA: I wouldn’t touch any of them.  What they did it what I like.

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KNOW FEAR (2021)
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