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From Canada capital, Ottawa; is the director who I had the pleasure to talk this time, a director with a variety of movies on a various kind of genres, but most of them centered its core  in thriller, mystery or horror, and as you know, here we like horror or scifi things, Andrew Erin took some time out to answer our inquires about his latest horror movie "HAVENHURST" a movie made it over its basis in "Dr Holmes", this film talks  about a mysterious, strange building where something strange happens. Stay There! And read out this meaty interview.

EFF: Andrew really grateful for your time, I know you are busy person. Where are you from and when did you realize you wanted to be a film director or at least to be into movie makers guild?

AE: I'm from Ottawa, Canada. I discovered film making in my early twenties while living in Toronto. Once I got the taste for directing, that was it, I knew that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

EFF:  Now first off, let me congratulate you for your film "HAVENHURST", I want you give me your thoughts about what is "Havenhurst", how could you describe it?

AE: It’s a movie inspired by H.H.Holmes with a slightly twisted morality play. The owner of Havenhurst, Eleanor, feels like she is doing the city and the world a favour by taking in people who struggle through life with various forms of addiction. There is really only one rule, live a clean moral life and you can stay in Havenhurst as long as you like. Go back to your old ways and you will be EVICTED. Eviction takes on a whole new meaning in this movie.
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EFF:  Where it was filmed this movie? What location did you use?

AE: Most of the movie was shot in Los Angeles and we did a few days in New York City.

EFF:  Almost in the middle or a little before of it, it appears a picture hanging up on the wall, man, when I saw it I said myself, "I know that guy, where have I seen him" jaja and then all comes to light to audience, well and obviously you inspired in "Dr Holmes" at the moment to create this film, but let me ask you, why you decided to take this person to base a film?

AE: Right from the beginning, we were inspired to tell a story that incorporated some of his twisted antics. We liked the idea that Dr. Holmes could have started in this building and moved on, leaving his descendants to carry on his work.

EFF: "Havenhurst" shows great stunts scenes, how were these executed and anything else to tell about them?

AE: I had an amazing stunt team because of John Moio, an incredibly experienced stunt coordinator. All of the stunts were done practically, we threw people across rooms and into walls, it was a lot of fun.

EFF: What did you try to state in this film as a writer and as a director? 

AE:Nothing too deep, we wanted to have fun, make something scary and hopefully not offend anyone.

EFF: How was the pitching process? After you got the script and you had to sell it to producers, tell us all that process.

AE: Dan Farrands and I had come up with the idea a while ago and as time went on I put the project forward to try and get it funded. It was even sold to Lionsgate as a tv series at one point. As time went on I got into producing and it became a priority for me so I was able to secure the funding before we wrote the script. I edited together a teaser trailer for the movie, which really helped people see my vision for it.
Scenes from Havenhurst

EFF: This film to me is not bloody, it has a particular scene very gore and very outstanding but tell us about that creation process and another thing, what was the building you shot in on those aerial shots?

AE: That scene was done with a combination of practical FX and VFX. It really turned out well. The building we used for the exterior was one of the Tudor City buildings in New York.

EFF:  What were those problems, setbacks you faced in during the film shooting?

AE: No real setbacks other than trying to cram a very difficult movie into the budget and time that we had to make it in. Which is the classic struggle for most indie filmmakers.
Andrew C. Erin

EFF: You are co-writer alongside Daniel Farrands in this film, I want to ask you, when you were developing the characters, how did you deal the "Likable character" thing?

AE: We tried to make Jackie very accessible and grounded hoping that she would connect to the audience. When we cast Julie Benz and I felt like that really helped accomplish our goal.

EFF:  How was worked alongside these such great actors crew? How was the casting process? 

AE: The actors were amazing to work with, we got very lucky during the casting process. Its all a director can hope for is to have very positive and professional actors and crew.

EFF: What horror movies you like the most?

AE: I love all kinds, The Conjuring, The Exorcist, The Strangers, the list goes on and on.
Andrew C. Erin shooting

EFF:  What director has inspired you on your directing style?

AE: I have been influenced by many directors from M. Night Shyamalan to Steven Spielburg, Robert Redford to Stanley Kubrick.

EFF: Your first film was on horror genre "Sam's Lake" and now, your last one so far is on horror genre too, why it took you so long time to embrace another horror movie?

AE: Its hard getting movies made so it took me a long time to get the second one off the ground.
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EFF: What equipments, cameras you used for this film making?

AE: We shot on the Arri Alexa and the Red Epic.

EFF:  What advice would you give for those want-to-be filmmakers who are undecided about how to shoot their first story?

AE: I would say that now is the best time in history to go out there and tell your story. Technology is readily available to shoot and post a movie. Use a DSLR, use an iPhone, just get out there and tell your story.

EFF:  And now if somebody gives you the chance to makes a horror remake what would you choose and why?

AE: I would make Havenhurst 2!

EFF:  What is your opinion about the different funding platforms that exists right now via web, have you used one of them? Do you think newbies filmmakers must to use them?

AE: I think its great, I haven’t used them yet myself but I know that it’s helped many people get their stories told.

EFF:  What is new on your career, what do you have in mind?

AE: I have a number of different projects in development, hopefully I will go to camera on one soon.

Andrew C. Erin

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