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Horror indie films are a bridge to many people to show their work, their craft art. People that figuratively they tears apart searching for money, usually low money and a lot of imagination to could watch alive their movie, sometimes they use Crowdfunding webpages and other turn to producers. Today i have the pleasure to post the interview I made to Mark Behar aka Bruce Jenner a indie producer who have a long pile of movies behind his back as a producer. Mark Behar releases this year "HAUNTED 2" as co-director. Mark is a polifacetic person who has working as director, producer, actor and besides of that is a celebrity bodyguard.

EFF: Hello Mr Behar -a/k/a- Bruce Jenner, let´s start with where are you from?

MB: I was Born in Brooklyn NY, raised in Northern New Jersey, and then moved to South Florida in 1992 -to- Present.

EF: Tell us briefly how did you get into the film industry?

MB: I started out in the late 90's as a Celebrity Bodyguard & Protecting the Lives of the Music & Movie A-List Elite. I was always behind the camera on soooo many TV & Movie sets, but very rarely in front. Then in the Mid-2000 I was offered & given a chance to be and to get in front of the camera & on screen with a few "Walk-On Roles" in a few TV Series & Movies. This was due to my professionalism, my ability to take direction well On-Sets of both, when I was working for my Clients/Actors.

EFF: From bodyguard to producer and much more, very interesting. You have worked in so many roles in the film industry, since director, producer, second director, actor, writer, etc. Having so much experience in so many roles, what would you say is your favorite role?

MB: Producing & Acting, but I'm now getting very comfortable with writing as well.

EFF: As director you have one film so far "Tales of the Supernatural: Naked" in 2013, but now you are shooting a new one, right? Called: "Haunted 2: Apparitions" in which you are also writer and actor. Therefore, how was shooting your first movie?

MB: WAS GREAT!!  “Tales Of The Supernatural: Naked” was a segment of the feature. “Haunted 2” has been shot and is in post with release this year. It’s actually part of 4 films all to be released this year.

EFF: Now, "HAUNTED 2" it´s a sequel to "Haunted" from 2013? What new plots it will have this upcoming movie, what things will be different from the first. When does the film start shooting?

MB: The film is in post. They are similar to Ghost Adventurers, but with the USP being that they are filmed live and unscripted. Prepare for some bumps and scares.
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EFF: Give us an anecdote from one of your movies?

MB: As I said some of the films I am involved with are micro budget and this can create moments of brilliance. But it can also create restrictions. On one occasion we had run out of blood, so we actually used some of Our Crew's Blood and when that ran out we used ketchup.  UM UMMM Good - LOLL!!!

EFF:  As producer, what do you see in a movie that makes you decide to invest in it? 

MB: Interesting storylines and the people behind them. If they have a get up and go attitude I like to invest and support them.

EFF: What is the most difficult- to direct, to act, to produce or to write?

MB: It’s difficult doing ALL of them. But you need passion to be in this industry. This normally gets you through the low points.
Mark behar

EFF: What advice would you give for the newcomers & Indie filmmakers who are undecided about how to shoot their first movie?

MB: If you are undecided, then don’t do it. You need to go out and make a movie with what’s in your pocket. That is my first advise. Grab a camera and make it with penny’s not dollars. Then you will know if you are ready to move onto making your first real film.

EFF: Very important- What advice do you have for filmmakers on how to & how should they sell his or her film to a producer in order to get succeed.

MB: You need to create a track record to sell to independent distribution companies or go down the self-distribution avenue which can be very successful.
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EFF:  What people in the industry have influenced you in your career as director, producer, and why?

MB: Eli Roth, Quinten Tarantino, and Rob Zombie.  As well as Both- Steven M. Smith of Greenway Entertainment & Christopher Michael Dailey-Director/Producer as I have been a supporter of & on several of their projects & movies for years now (Past, Present & Future) on many levels, and ALL are extremely creative, talented, and are great "Hands-On" teachers of their craft and will spend the time to teach you if you ask. Everything that I know, I have learned from them. They ALL have great visions, great sick minds that is definitely needed in & for this Horror Movie Genre and that they project & transfer into their movies. Be looking out for Both Steven & Christopher's Latest & Newest Projects & films.
DGA Award winning by Mark Behar.

EFF:  if somebody gave you the chance to do a horror remake, which film(s) would you choose?

MB: RUBBER, Motel Hell, Jaws.

EFF: What is your opinion about the different funding methods and platforms that currently exists via "The Web"?  Have you used any of them? Do you think "Newbie Filmmakers" should and must use them?

MB: Crowdfunding is the way to fund your first film, but plan to make it for zero and whatever you get in from a crowd funder is a bonus.

EFF: A Personal "QUOTE" from you to others.

MB: Well, I have a few "Quotes" LOL!!!  "Free Your Mind and the rest will follow", "If you don't give someone a/the/their first chance, how to do expect them to learn, express themselves, their thoughts, and their mind to grow".

EFF:  What do you think about the blog and what else would you like to see?

MB: Very Impressive & Insightful!!  A great "Reference Site & Tool" for New/Start-Up Indi Film Makers!!!!
Mark Behar

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