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Shawn Burkett, an intuitive, guerilla, keen, recursive director; those are only some adjectives I could name to describe Mr Burkett, Oh I was forgetting, an Indie Filmmaker (very important). Burkett released last year DON'T FUCK IN THE WOODS and gained with it a great acceptance in the audience, started that project via Crowdfunding website...So well he went out last time that decided fund his upcoming movie by the same method using an INDIEGOGO campaign, and his upcoming movie is... Yes! DON´T FUCK IN THE WOODS 2, renovated, reloaded and even better than first one. Well, Burket and I had a small talk and he told me some news about this project... I hope you like it.

EFF: Hello Mr Burkett First off, thanks for accepting this interview. Let me start with, where are you from?

SB: I'm from Brookville, Ohio which is a suburb of Dayton, Ohio.

EFF: When and how you realized you wanted to be a filmmaker?

SB:  I didn't have any siblings so I grew up with movies and always though about making one, but it wasn't until 2006, and I had just watched the film "Hard Candy" and was blown away by how minimal it was but still shocking.
Shawn Burkett

EFF: You have your own company, right? Tell us what is "Concept Media"?

SB: Yes, Concept Media was founded by Ryan Stacy and myself in 2011, and it basically started because Joe Bob Briggs was having a script competition, but we ended up just making the film ourselves.

EFF: Don't fuck in the woods 1, we can say is your burst movie the one that people expect on and liked it a lot, right, what do you think people liked about your movie?

SB: I know a lot of people appreciate the fact that we used practical effects and paid homage to the classic horror films. But I can't lie and say that the nudity doesn't factor in lol.
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EFF: When and how you had the idea for this film and what influences we can watch in the film?

SB: I wanted to make something different. A lot of films at the time were masked slasher films. But the reason for the title is that I got clocked on a title for a film being "misleading" so I wanted to be 100% upfront. If you fuck in the woods you die.

EFF: You decided to appeal for a crowdfunding campaign, in fact I found three of them,  in order to get the budget for your movie, how was that process?

SB: It was the longest 2 years of my life lol. But I get how people could be in the fence with the title.

EFF:Talking about the budget, how much it was? On Imdb appears 10,000 dollars. And from that budget how did you split it?

SB: It actually cost $7,500 to make the film, but IMDB required a minimum of 10K to launch the page.

EFF: Obviously in an indie film, well, in all the films exists setbacks that starts to appear according the project goes moving in, but in an indie film is more notorious and proclive to that, tell us what setbacks you had during the shooting?

SB: Well one night we disturbed a nest of yellow jackets and an actress was sent to the hospital . Rain delays and just bad weather lol. Mainly Ohio didn't want us in the woods lol.
Scenes  from "Don't fuck in the woods"

EFF: How was the casting process, what things you were looking for the characters?

SB: The main thing I look for in actors and actresses are there reaction abilities and to sound natural.

EFF: Now, I see you have in mind make a sequel of the movie, right? You already have an indiegogo campaign now. How is that, tell us about that and how people can help (The campaign was successfully completed)

SB: Yes we just launched a fundraising campaign via indiegogo and we plan to blow the first film completely out of the water. Below is a link to the fundraiser and every dollar helps! LINK: INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN

EFF: Watching the first DFITW I hope in the sequel we can know more about the monster, are we gonna see that? What fans can expect from this upcoming film?

SB: You can expect more creatures in different stages of evolution as well as a more in depth understanding of the creatures .

EFF: The monster, make a creature movie in low budget I think it's complicated, how did you do to create the creature, speaking of art, money and other aspects?

SB: Well we spent about $1,500 before we came up with the final creature, and that one cost under $200 and lots of silicone.
Monster in "Don't fuck in the woods"

EFF: You had a specific type of audience when you made this movie,  because a movie called DFITW you have to know that will have a lot of sex scenes and in fact it had it and explicit nudity, maybe that, don't let  other kind of audience watch it in theaters, kids for instance?

SB: I knew what audience would appreciate the film for sure, but yea I wouldn't recommend it for family night with the kids lol.

EFF: Locations a cursed word for indie films, how was that stage? And for the sequel obviously will be in the woods but are we gonna watch more locations?

SB: Yes, we will still have the woods, but we will also be at a summer camp that's being renovated by a small group of counselors.
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EFF: You are producing an upcoming film called "Angel" directed by Tory Jones, what can you tell us about it?

SB: Angel is about a complex story about a town that fell to ruins and calmed a lot of lives before and after it was abandoned. It's defiant got some thrills and action that at this level of independent film is not really seen.
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EFF: What would you say to those people who wants to immersed into this industry as filmmakers? And those who are undecided in how to make their first films?

SB: I feel there's a stigmata to being an indie filmmaker these days and most people look at it as just a step to a possible "dream" career. I look at it differently lol. Being an independent filmmaker means you can create things that are "out of the box" and different, without needing a studio or producers approval. You have more control over your film and how you want it to turn out. But as far as advise, know that story trumps camera quality. Good audio is a plus, and always spend as much time as you can lighting.

EFF: What cameras, equipments and edition softwares did you used in this film?

SB: We use a Blackmagic Pocket Camera as well as the standard Blackmagic cinema camera and Final Cut Pro X

EFF: Do you see yourself making horror films always? Or do you have inquietude to make another genres?

SB: I love horror and thriller films, and will always be more at home here, but I want to venture out of the genre and experience others. 

 Shawn Burkett

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