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Salsa, dancers and Adrienne Lovette all that is what has in common San Juan, Puerto Rico. Lovette from the land of salsa borned with the love for movies, raised in Massachusetts and Florida, Lovette developed her passion for movies and decided follow her instinct and due to that she shot "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT" a horror mystery short film,which she has won many awards, in addition Ms Lovett is actress and writer.

EFF: Hello, thanks for say yes to my invitation. Where are you from, Ms Lovette?

AL: Hey Elder, first of all thanks for reaching out and showing interest in my work!  I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico then raised in both Springfield, Massachusetts and Orlando, Florida. 

EFF: When did you start into the film industry? 

AL: I officially started in the film industry at 16 years old, but started acting at the age of 3, professionally at the age of 10.

EFF: Glancing your filmography I can observe that you began as an actress, after that you have ventured as a producer, writer and director. Why have you decided to venture into these roles too?

AL: Acting is my number one love, but I have also always had a passion for directing and everything behind the scenes.  I'm the type of person that will be just as excited to watch the movie as I am to watch the making of that movie.  I also felt that this day in age, it is so important to create your own work, and have a voice in the industry. I create my work when either I feel like I am not being given the opportunity to play a certain role or direct a certain film and/or have something to say. 
Adrienne Lovette

EFF:  Two of your shorts films are, "BLIND DATE", a comedy - romance film and "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT", a horror - mystery film, why change from a romance to a horror work?  

AL: Before those short films I actually did a  drama feature film that I wrote, produced and was one of the leads in called WHEN I'M WITH YOU and another comedy short called #INSOCIALI'm basically hitting every genre sort to speak.  I love all genres!  If I had a choice of what types of films I want to direct, it would be a good mix of Action, thriller and dramas.  But again I love everything!  I gravitate towards a good story, no matter what the genre is, the story has to speak to me. 
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EFF: "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT" is the work which brought us to this interview, so let's start to talk about it.  How was the idea born and why did you decide to direct it?

AL: "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT" was written by my talented filmmaker/writing partner and best friend, John RiceIt was actually written for a 24 hour film writing challenge. We liked it so much we decided to shoot it and he had asked me if I wanted to direct. I enthusiastically said yes and was honored to be intrusted with his work! 

EFF: How long did the whole process take, from the script creation to the wrap, also tell me specifically how long it took to shoot? 

AL: The script was written in 24 hours and we made very little changes.  Pre-production took about two weeks and we shot for only two days. Post production took about two months. 

EFF: What was the hardest thing you had to face in during the whole process?

AL: We luckily didn't have too many challenges, besides some post production hiccups.  Over all everything went as planned. Thankfully!!!

EFF: What did you want to express in this short film, what are the emotion you wanted to impress on the audience?  

AL: I wanted the audience to always feel a sense of dread during the film. The idea of someone breaking into your home and watching you without your knowledge is always such as unnerving idea and why so many films have that element in them.  HIDDEN DAYLGIHT moves in a very smooth pace but lingers at just the right moments to make you feel a little bit of anxiety.  I also wanted the audience to connect to the characters in such a short amount of time, so whenever the leads speak the camera is right in their face, picking up every little thing they do. I also kept in mind that I wanted the film to have a modern Hitchcock type feeling. 
Scenes from "Hidden Daylight"

EFF:  Any funnies anecdotes from "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT"?  

AL: One of the funny things that might only be amusing to us, was that in one of the scenes we had a collage prop of news paper clippings with chopped up body parts and stories about a killer on the loose. It was a pretty large collage and after shooting we ended up throwing it in the regular trash outside. It dawned on us after that we might have freaked out a few strangers from that collage. 

EFF: Are you a horror fan? What horror movies do you like most? 

AL: Yes I am a horror fan.  I gravitate more towards scary movies with a lot of story and strong characters. Currently I am a fan of the Babadook and Get Out, but I am also a fan of some older films like The Shinning and American Psycho.

EFF: What directors has inspired you on your directing style?

AL: I am inspired by so many directors I can not pin point one.  If I had to choose specific directors that I would gravitate towards, it would be a mix between Penny Marshall, Martin Scorsese, Mary Harron and Alfonso Cuaron. 
Adrienne Lovette

EFF:  What cameras, equipments did you use in  "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT" and why?  

AL: We were on a micro-budget as well as a time constraint so we shot on a 7D.  Now days I am using the RED more. 

EFF: I know you just started in this, but at least you have filmed and you know how to do it, so, what advice would you give to newbies filmmakers about how to do a film?  

Al: I pretty much learned by doing, so I would say get your feet wet, make a short film with friends and grow from there.  I love reading and researching filmmaking, and there are a good amount of books out there that will tell you the process of making a film.  I also think it's important you know how a set is run before you jump in, so apply for PA jobs in all levels just to get an idea of what it takes to make a film.  For me it all starts with a good story and a story you believe in, from there you start piecing together your team. 
Adrienne Lovette

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