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A salute to everyone reading this interview. From Italy to the world, today's interviewee is EROS CARTECHINI, composer with a big amount of movies over his back varying from many genres, but, as this blog is aimed to horror-thrillers things, we, Eros and me, talked about his latest horror movie: Fear Pharm. we also talked about his method, the way he approached each project for itself, his inspirations and many advise to all of us. You can explore his work in his webpage: WWW.EROSCARTECHINI.NET

Please , Join us and read this great interview, I know you will like it and you will learned a bunch of valuable information.

EFF: First off, thanks Eros for chatting with me and to let me ask you about you and your career. Tell us where are you from and when or how did you enter into the film industry?

EC: Thanks to you for having me! I was born in Italy and i've always had a passion for composing music, since when i was a child. I decided to be part of this industry when i've realized that music was too important for me to leave it as a hobby, I wanted to make it as a living and among all the opportunities to do it, I decided to go ahead in the film industry, uniting it with my other passion for movies.

EFF Could you tell us a little bit about you, what did you study and why that specific matter?

EC: I've studied many years the basic music theories in private schools but I'm a self-educated composer, everything I know about this job comes from experience on the “field”, with other composers, directors, producers... I've always thought that the best way to learn something is to just jump into it without asking yourself too many questions.

I've chosen film music because I felt that for me this field is the perfect one where I can wander with my creativity without any limits.
Eros Cartechini

EFF: So The idea to be in the film industry as a composer was always in your head or was something that was adding as years went on?

EC: Yes I started with this idea, from the day i decided this was the best way to work with my creativity i've always been among film projects.

EFF: Could you tell us what exactly a composer does in a film?
EC: He enhances emotions.

EFF: Very concise but effective answer. Ok, let's talk about your last horror film "Fear Pharm". How did you get involved in?

EC: I sent an email to fantastic producer Mark S. Allen and he replied to me asking if I was available to work on a scene from the movie, to see if we were on the same page. I did, he and the other producers liked it a lot and we started working together.
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EFF: What Movies or styles did you base the music for the movie on?

EC: Horror movies are my favourite genre to work on. I like to experiment with sounds, scale, notes, everything has to sound very unsettling and for my creativity this is the best thing.

So I took inspiration (and that's quite strange) from metal/metalcore music. These kinds of bands have many elements that are similar to horror sounds, apart from distorted sounds, the intervals and the scales they use are always dissonant and quite disturbing sometimes, so that's why they are very inspiring to me.

EFF: I assume that working flow and mode depends on each style of movie and director, but tell us how was the way you worked on this film? Did director give you freedom to work or give you rigid instructions about what he wanted?

EC: I would say that among my works, in half of them I receive rigid notes from the director and in the other half, complete freedom. Fear Pharm was one of the “freedom” ones, they let me do whatever I want and they like it all!

EFF: What setbacks did you have during the score creation and how did you solve them out?

EC: For a horror movie the classic “problems” I can encounter are the ones of being too repetitive, especially in the slow paced scenes. I personally don't like to “recycle” from earlier scenes, so I always work in something new for those particular parts, but always similar to the general mood of the soundtrack of course.

EFF: How do you set up your day to day creation process? Is it equal no matter the genre or you approach it differently according to the genre?

EC: No, my method is always the same. Sit down, start from the beginning and on, trying to never interrupt my flows of creations.

EFF: How many horror films have you done apart from "Fear Pharm"?

EC: Counting full length features, shorts and videos I think around twenty projects.
Eros Cartechini

EFF: What difference does horror have regarding other genres in terms of facing and approaching the work?

EC: For me they are different because as I said before, I spend many hours experimenting sounds and notes, when maybe for a comedy I focus more on the themes and the right melodies. In this case I go deeper, morphing not only the right dissonant phrase but playing with the right sound.

EFF What composers do you admire?

EC: I'm italian, so all those names that in the past decades contributed to making unforgettable italian soundtracks like Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota. Nowadays I follow every work made by Thomas Newman, Alexandre Desplat, Tom Holkenborg and the man who got me into this genre, Hans Zimmer nd of course I try to capture the essentials of every soundtrack in every movie, series, video game, tv shows I watch, like a good composer should do.

EFF:Give us a wink about your upcoming works, anyone in the horror genre?

EC: The Opposite. Right now i'm working on a TV animated series for children. That's the beauty of this job, one day you're working among blood and cutted off arms, the other you're working on happy jingles for children!

EFF: What advice would you give for those want-to-be horror composers?

EC: Feed your creativty in any way. That's the best way to come up with always different and beautiful soundtrack.

EFF: If a producer gives you a chance to score a horror film remake, what would it be and why?

EC: That's a tough one I don't know, I have to see what kind of remake it is, which vision the director has for it...I would ask a lot of questions and take some time to think about it before answering. Working on a movie is a long and very intense journey, you have to be 100% sure before taking it!

EFF :Would you like to say anything else?

EC: I hope to have told the story of my small journey as a composer in some inspiring way, thank you again for having me, it was fun!

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