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"THE DARK MILITARY" is a film about a kind of hunting game but instead of animals are humans being hunted by a group of military hunters in a kind of survival game, this film represents his directorial debut in a feature film, Loren Lepre besides to be director he also acting in this film cause he started his career as an actor. Lepre gave us facts about his life and how he entered into the film industry and anecdotes, join us, I hope you like it.

EFF: Hello, thanks for say yes to my invitation, let star with where are you from? 

LL: Born in Carbondale Pennsylvania. Been in Philly area now for 19 years. 

EFF: When did you start into the film industry? 

LL: October 24th 2010 as an extra zombie in the film "The Reunion" directed by Jeff Stewart. 

EFF: "THE DARK MILITARY" is your opera prima, you are actor, director and writer. When did you start to glimpse the movie idea? 

LL: I'm always thinking as any actor/director is and one day it popped into my mind. Horror can use a team of new Horror Icons. I couldn't picture what I was seeing but I knew I wanted girls as apart of the team and I didn't want them to be a joke. As The Dark Military members came together I wanted each one to be NOTHING like each other. I wanted to give the viewer a little of everything.
The Dark Military (2017) 

EFF: There's many characters in the movie, when you were creating the script what aspects you focused for adding personality to each one?

LL: YES and that was hard with having about 70 roles for this film. You REALLY need to pay attention to what words you're using so the characters don't run over each other. Also The Prey are a BIG part of this film and I NEVER was a fan of a character with NO NAME getting knocked off just because. Each one of the prey speak and you learn a little about each one so they can grow with the viewer.

EFF: How long it took the whole process, from the script creation to the wrap and tell me specifically how long it took the shooting. 

LL: Well it was my first feature script and all I ever wanted to do is act. So it was a learning curve. I did 19 drafts over the course of 9 months. I had a great help desk guiding me and they were also straight to the point with ripping the script apart until it came together. On top of that I did about one year of pre production. We shot for 8 straight days and than wrapped. As editing came together I came up with another big scene I felt needed to be added. So a year later cameras rolled again for another 2 days. The editing process was another year and a half. Along with a big marketing plan kept me very busy.

EFF: What was the hardest thing you had to faced in during whole the process? 

LL: This part I can go on and on with. When you have 70 actors your biggest fear is during shooting that something happens and they call out for any reason at all. Sick, car won't work, traffic jam, etc. This was the scare of scare for me. I actually had a "script changes already in place" if the worst happened. ALSO The Pope came to town to visit Philadelphia that WHOLE week. We shot in South Jersey and roads were closed like if Jesus was coming back from the dead. The dates were planned WAY ahead and money was spent to change the shooting dates. Most of the cast stayed over on sight which I value. The cast did an amazing job. Another big scare which we lucked out big time on is NO RAIN or heavy winds. Just a perfect week of shooting.
The Dark Military scenes

EFF: "The Dark Military" is about a group of people trying to survive from a group of killers involved in a web-game, more or less is that. What movies inspired you to create your film?

LL: (Early) Friday The 13th, 24 Battle Royal, Mad Max, The Devils Rejects, and Scream

EFF: What are your expectations from this film, many makes a movie because is a hobby, satisfaction, get money, experience, tell us yours? 

LL: I want to reach the horror fans and bring NEW Icons to the horror movie world. Hollywood is doing nothing but hitting the reset button. I want to change that. This isn't a hobby, this is my art, this is my life. I want to make two more films of The Dark Military yet. This job is 24 hours a day and I put my heart into every hour of it. As for money HELL YEAH we can all only hope and drive forward to get paid to make art.

EFF: Where did you shoot? And what were those issues you faced in? 

LL: We shot in Philadelphia, Mt. Laurel NJ, Clayton NY, and Franklinville NY (80% of the film was at this location)

EFF: Are you a horror fan? What horror movies you like the most? 

LL: YES was always my favorite kind of film. Lost Boys, Psycho 1-4, Friday The 13th (ya I'm a Jason guy) Summer Camp Nightmare, Watchers (Corey Haim) Vincent Price (flicks) Motel Hell, Nightbreed the list goes on and on just like the next guy.
Loren W. Lepre

EFF: What directors has inspired you on your directing style? 

LL: John Hughes and David Lynch are my favorite directors. NEITHER of them as a director had any input on how I directed this. You need be bring your own mind to your movie. I never was a fan of trying to be someone else. 

12: What is your directing style, what kind of cameras movements you like or use more or angles? 

LL: You can sit and try to come up with the best shot ever that will blow the viewers mind away. Than you set up up for blocking and realize it's not going to work. I had my shots in mind that were musts and got them BUT I always find when you're in the moment you see something as the scene goes on and jump on it. 

EFF: What camera (model), equipments did you use in "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT" and why? 

LL:We shot on RED Scarlett and Sony 7. Why? I put trust into my team and that is what they thought would work best. Not to long ago I was just an actor. Than I started to run film festivals. Than at the same time picked up producing and directing. You need to sub out some roles to your team and trust it. I still have more time to grow in that department. 

EFF: What advice would you give to newbies filmmakers who are undecided about how to do a film? 

LL: I would tell if you become a filmmaker you need to be bulletproof. YOU are the reason the film will sail or sink. YOU can NEVER show any signs as a leader that the project is on track. YOU are the mom and dad of the film. Most of all we live in a world where people love to rip apart films. If you can't handle these bullets STAY OUT. A war general is in that spot for a reason. This person is built for that role. Most people today fall apart at the first bump in the road. I would advise the director to write a script knowing what resources they have access to. This will save on the budget. WRITE around the budget for your first film. DON'T think you're changing the world with your first movie. Take your time, get a PROVEN team around you. Talk to them and don't get bent out of shape if they tell you some news of your scripts needs to be changed or when you hit your first bump in the road don't buckle! Keep your head up and press forward. It took seven year for this to come together for me. Learn to swim and go out and earn it. NEVER approach a producer and tell them about your great script but you have ZERO money to put in yourself. ALWAYS have something on the table. 

EFF: If a rookie filmmaker with no experience at all, goes to you and ask you for an advise about an cheapy camera or equipments he or she can uses to make his low budget film, what would you recommend him or her?

LL: I would tell them that lighting and audio make a film. Actors do not look good nor can shine with these two. I'd say (for starters) run with whatever cameras you have. Beef up on lighting and audio. Reach out to your local film schools about using film students.

EFF; Where can people find "The Dark Military" out there? 

LL: Right now the film is being reviewed and it's on it's film fest run. Next stop Days of The Dead convention in Atlanta Feb 3rd weekend. by summer we should have the film sold. You will be able to see it on Blu-ray, On Demand and other streaming outlets. 

EFF: Anything else you want to say?

LL: Please support The Dark Military.... As well as other indie horror films. YOU are who we want to reach. You are the heart and soul of the horror movie world.
Loren W. Lepre

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