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I'm always beholden that this blog has gave me the opportunity to talk with a vast of group of filmmakers -some with long experience and other with few years in the craft -but whatever is the case, I always learn and learn a lot about them and their trips, that tired, tumultuous and sinuous road to create a film. Edward Payson an appassionate filmmaker gave me the chance to speak with him and asked him some things about his thought, his career and films, I really hope to have another talk with edward this time talking more abut his new film "THE SUNDAY NIGHT SLAUGHTER". I hope you like it.

EFF: how did you realize you wanted to be a director or at least be involved into film industry?

EP: When I was a young boy I connected with my father through horror films. By age 12 I got my first camera and started filming small things. By high school I knew it was something I wanted to do. I didn't commit to it in high school. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I decided to move to California and actually pursue my career.

EFF: Where are you from, Edward?

EP: I'm from the small town of Derry New Hampshire. 

EFF: You have worked in different roles in many films: producer, writer, director, etc. Which role do you like more and why?

EP: Directing is definitely my favorite but when you are doing low budget films you usually have to wear multiple hats and fill in where needed.

EFF: Why have you decided to run on the horror genre and specifically on Gore - Exploitation films and is that the subgenre of your films?

EP: I have ventured outside of horror on 2 occasions to direct documentaries but horror is my favorite. Growing up horror was my favorite genre. It is taboo and boundaries are always being pushed. I love come up with crazy stories and showing them on film. 
Edward  Payson

EFF: Where do you put or place gore films in the horror genre? In these days, we're seeing supernatural sub genre as the champion talking about horror styles.

EP: I wouldn't say my films are gore per say but I definitely have a huge love for gore films but also think the demand is going down among mainstream horror fans. You will still see great gore films at festivals and on the indie circuit.

EFF: Maybe is your personal decision or because things are like that or I don't know, but why creates low or micro budget films? Moreover, what term is adequate? 

EP: The biggest to reason for making Micro Budget films is that you can make films without the hassle of waiting for funding. Where I have friends that have not made a film in 10 years, I can continue to make films. 

EFF: Now speaking about your film, you have directed three films and two in course. Tell me about you last feature film "THE COHASSET SNUFF FILM” you produced it and co-written too. Why did you decide to make this film, How did the idea come to you?

EP: The Cohasset Snuff film came from a script called Mind of a Serial Killer: Richard Bates by Darnell Taylor. I was looking for a film to shoot for my thesis for college. I re-wrote the script to make it more of a Mockumentary and then we shot in 2012.  It was something pretty original and I saw an opportunity to make something relevant to today's internet crazed world.
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EFF: How much was the budget of film, how did you get it, what were those setbacks you faced in during the shooting?

EP: The budget was all out of pocket of Darnell and myself and we raised $4k on crowdfunding sites.  As far as problems, not many besides scheduling and our biggest, finding reliable actors.

EPP: Your new films "THE SUNDAY NIGHT SLAUGHTER" and "OUR FRIEND JON" tell me about them. 

EP: Well it started as an idea for a web series but we quickly learned that web series are all but dead so decided to rework it into an anthology feature. It focuses on 3 different stories told throughout a 1.5 hour film. You can expect demons, cannibals, aliens, monsters, murderers and zombies. 

Our Friend Jon is a documentaryabout three disabled boys who make a horror film in honor of their friend who died due to complications stemming from Sickle Cell Anemia. We documented the process from start to finish.
Our Friend Jon (2017)

The Sunday Night Slaughter (2018)

EFF: What directors has inspired you on your directing style?

EP: I always liked Robert Rodriguez and his approach to filmmaking. A lot of people I know sit around waiting for money and never get to make their films. Why not just make your films based on what you can do yourself easily and for cheap. I wouldn't say my style is based upon any director but I do get a lot of shot inspiration from 80s horror films.

EFF: What equipments, cameras you used in 

EP: In the Cohasset snuff film, we used the Canon rebel T2I camera and in my upcoming documentary, we used the Panasonic GH4 with Zeiss master primes. In the Sunday Night Slaughter we used the Canon C300.
Edward Payson shooting

EFF: What advice would you give for those want-to-be filmmakers who are undecided about how to shoot their first story?

EP: These days you can learn everything on YouTube. As long as you have a camera that has HD video in a good sound recorder you can shoot away. As you get more money you can upgrade your gear and get lights and expensive lenses. There is no reason not to be making films with your friends on the weekends.

EFF: And now if somebody gives you the chance to makes a horror remake what would you choose and why?

EP: I would love to direct a Friday the 13th film. They are my favorite horror franchise. 

Edward Payson

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