Monday, February 27, 2017


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Making a digression and taking myself out of usual in thsi blog (Horror movies) I want to post the Darkness Visibles's upcoming music video. This Australian Theatrical Horror rock band is close release their video.

Melbourne, Australia. Theatrical horror rock band, Darkness Visible announce that they are about to release their 9th music video ….. and this one is waaaaay over the top!

Their upcoming music video, Breaking Point, will possibly be the worst taste music video to ever be released. Band member and co-director, David Black, described it as being “Benny Hill meets Troma”. The video itself stars some of the best talent from Melbourne’s Indie movie industry, as well leading burlesque and carny performers….. and a few personalities from the fetish scene that sort of defy description.

“After 8 music videos, I decided that now was the time to pull out all the stops. This time it was no holds barred and take no prisoners!” said Mr Black. “It’s a medical fetish Ozploitation video that has clowns with chainsaws, jelly wrestling in vomit, giant syringes being shoved up bums, dwarves with dildos, boobs, gimps and streaming pus! What more could a person want in a music video?

The video will go live on youtube within the next few weeks and we will have an event on the Breaking Point like page for it. I can’t guarantee that the video will stay up for long, but fingers crossed that they don’t pull it.

The Breaking Point facebook like page can be found at –

The Darkness Visible facebook page is –

And you can see the last 8 Darkness Visible videos on I Bleed Indie for free at -



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