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Hello everyone, welcome to another interviews section in this blog. For me personally is very pleasant knock me with singular and peculiar persons, obviously these adjectives are in a good term. This occasion I got the chance to talk with Henrique Couto a diretor who has directed 17 films roughly, in 2016 he launched three films, among them "Amityville: No Escape" a film with the traditional amityville house story but with the henrique's style, I hope you really like the interview.

First thing is thankful to Henrique Couto for his time, and wish him the best.

EFF: When did born your love to make films? What was that moment you felt or you decided Films would be equal to life?

HC: I've loved films since I was a young child, from the moment I got my hands on a camcorder I knew I wanted to make movies. It's the only thing that makes me truly happy.


EFF: Your recently horror film was "Amityville:No escape". Why you decided to make this movie?

HC:  Wanted to make a scary movie that was more accessible to audiences so I brought in the well-known mythology of Amityville.

Trailer: Amityville: No Escape

EFF:  How was the creating process?

HC: Film was very challenging, we spent a few months in post-production tweaking the story and doing re-shoots to the film just right.

EFF:  You are like stan lee in his films, cause you frequently makes cameos on your movies, why? Do you like also acting?

HC: I have cameos in maybe 1 out of every 3 films I make. The reasoning is simple, I'm affordable and available!

EFF: Your films are low budget right? Why? You like that way? Or it is difficult getting financing?

HC: I make films on low budgets for the same reason you aren't stinking rich, there's no such thing as easy money.

EFF: From all your movies which was the highest budget so far?

HC: My largest budget film was a comedy called “Nothing Good Ever Happens”.

EFF: I like this kind of films made it with super low money, but with high creativity, what financing method you apply?

HC: I've directed 15 feature films and every film is different. Some films are funded out of my own pocket, or from traditional means like distributors or producers. I've done a few via crowdfunding.


EFF: Are you a fan horror? What horror films you like and what directors?

HC: I've been an avid fan of horror my entire life, I love Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead. My fandom entirely started with Horror.

EFF: From your horror films, which one you liked most?

HC: That's like asking me to pick my favorite child, I really can't. But I think my most underrated horror film is “Haunted House on Sorority Row”.

Buy it: AMAZON

EFF: Do you want to keep continuing making low budget films way you make it so far or would you like to try something different?
HC: I'm always trying something different. I've directed westerns, dramas, comedies, family films, etc.

EFF: I know you are making a new films, drama genre right? But there is something else in your current works?  Something on horror?

HC: I just wrapped my latest horror film, the title hasn't been announced yet but it was a great time to make and I think people are going to enjoy it.

It's recommended tell you that Henrique Couto has finishing his new horror short film called "Bed Demon"

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