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A sincere salute to every this blog reader, As you know we focus on indie filmmakers who makes indie films and they centered on horror most of it, no matter their budget, it could be one million, more than a million, less than million or no budget at all, that doesn't matter, what really it's crucial to me is that others indie filmmakers, those newby who haven't done their first movie yet, could read and learn out how other indie filmmakers like them made a tremendous effort and beat out their obstacles and made their movie off. 

Been said that, today I will like to introduce you a really indie filmmaker, but indie indeed, a man that has a wide record of movies on various genres, but obviously we talked about the horror ones, and that person is Rene Perez. He has made 22 movies till 2018, impressive ah? Movies like PLAYING WITH DOLLS: HAVOC, FROM HELL TO THE WILD WEST and THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED 3: RAVAGED. Well, Rene gave me the chance to talk with him and chat for hours about his career and his method to take movies off the ground and give them life. So, not saying more, come on and read it.

EFF: Hi Rene, Thank you to allow me get this chat with you, i really appreciate it. Tell us where are you from and if exists, what was that moment you felt that films would be your life thing?

RP: My name is Rene Perez. I’m from Oakland California and as for when I knew movies a must for me? I don’t recall. It was always there. I made my GI Joe play out entire adventures like a movie. I started by drawing comic books when I was a kid. Then I moved onto music as a teen and made that my job, then in my late 20’s, the technology finally came to make reasonable video at a reasonable cost. So, I moved onto my ultimate goal of making movies. But it was always a desire, from early Childhood.

EFF: Oh man! Watching your filmography, it's pretty. But, we can commence talking about your first horror film THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED, how was that experience and tell us briefly how this movie got made.

RP: I’ve made around 22 movies as of 2018. I am about to start my 23rd movie in February 2019. As for The Dead and the Damned. That was my first American movie, it was a zombie / western movie. When I made it, I didn’t realize it was the first time zombies where ever in the wild west. I thought it was an obvious mix of genre’s. That movie sold before I even finished filming it and a couple of years later there was a video game about cowboys and zombies. Too bad I didn’t get any profits from the game.

EFF: You have created franchises such as PLAYING WITH DOLLS and THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED, so, allow me ask you about these movies. Let's begin with PLAYING. How was it born? Where did you find references when you created the story? 

RP: People think I get to choose what I make. But I really don’t. Not most of the time. If I get told to make a slasher movie. I write and produce a slasher movi, If I’m told to make a zombie movie, or a western movie, or a kung-fu movie, I write and make whatever genre I’m instructed to make. I’m usually told to make a certain genre. Then I’m off on my own to make something in that genre and if it is profitable more than usual, I’m told to make a sequel. Playing with Dolls and The Dead and the Damned movies I guess were profitable enough to warrant sequels. As for how Dolls was born. I was instructed to make a slasher movie, so I went out and wrote the best slasher movie I could make for the budget.

EFF: It has been released out three installments so far, the latest one it's PLAYING WITH DOLLS: HAVOC in 2017. First off, how are they connected in each other in terms of plot story? Do you have in mind continuing the story? 

RP: Actually, I just finished a 4th movie in this series. It’s going to be called - CRY HAVOC and they are all connected if you pay attention, but I do fashion them to be stand alone movies or to be seen out of order. It’s a very difficult task but my movies are so low budget, I have assume that most of the people watching the new installment, have never see the previous ones. Besides, Dolls part 1 and 2 were severely censored by the distributors so I discount them. Now if you watch them all together, you’ll see that they are one large story. But if you see just one, it also stands alone with no need for the others. I personally suggest watching part 3 and 4. This new one is pretty amazing and I’m very proud of it. As for having a story in mind, I usually just write stories based around what I have and what I have at hand. My movies are so low budget, I’m not usually able to write anything I want. I can only write what I can actually afford to film.
Playing with dolls: Havoc (2017) Imdb | Amazon 

EFF: Could you tell us any anecdotes in the making of this story? How long it took the shooting of this film?

I get around 4 months to complete each movie, from inception to delivery. Sometimes I get a couple of extra weeks but usually it’s a quick 4 months. As for the story, it’s a premise about a man who uses his wealth to pay for the release of a psychotic killer known only as Havoc. The Voyeur brings victims for Havoc to murder while he watches. That is the main premise of the over all the story of these movies.

EFF: Now, the THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED saga it has three installments too, in fact, the last installment was the last year (2018) THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED 3: RAVAGED. Tell us the thread of this film regarding the before ones.

RP: I filmed that one several years ago. I’m not sure why it has only a 2018 release, I think I did that in 2014. It might have been re-released in 2018. IMDB is wrong on that one. But yeah, those are all connected and stand alone as well. For the same reason. They can be seen one after the other, or just as a stand alone. If you watch them together, you’ll get more out of it. I really like The Dead and the Damned 2.
The Dead and the Damned 3: Ravaged (2017) Imdb |  iTunes Amazon 

EFF: What were the setbacks you found during the whole creation of this project and how did you overcome them? 

RP: Oh, there are always set backs. All day every day, That’s just how it goes with micro budget movies. As for overcoming them, I keep the following in mind. Work harder than I’ve ever worked. I do more than what is expected and don’t allow anyone to waste even a minute of my time. That’s how I tackle all of the challenges in movie work. 

EFF: How long it took you the whole process creation of the film? But, tell me specifically the time of the shooting stage.
RP: All of my movies are about 25 or so of actual film days. But either way, the entire project, from beginning to end is that 4 month time period.

EFF: How has the movie gone with the audience, festivals and sells index? Tell us when it was released out and what platforms in?

RP: I make these movies for commercial release and I’ve been lucky enough that they get picked up by a distributor as soon as they go on the market. Way before I even have a chance to think about festivals.
Playing with dolls: havoc (2017) 

EFF: Watching your filmo, you are making three movies per year approximately, how do you do that, I mean, how do you schedule yourself in order to get the movie out into the right time? Tell us your tips in order filmmakers kept busy all year.

RP: Make movies that make money. Make them for cheap, make them better than anyone expects them to be. That’s it. Producers who hire me only care that I make these for so cheap that they can easily make a profit on them with a small amount of marketing efforts. I make what I’m paid to make. I’m just a writer/ director for hire, I’m not a movie producer, I don’t get the money together. Producer or distributors just call me when they have the money in hand already. I’m no businessman, I leave that to the pros and they leave the film making to me.

EFF: Are you a horror fan? What horror films and directors you like most and why? 

RP: I love horror. However, there are so few good ones. As for the new I like, I don’t recall the names of the directors. I loved Nightbreed and Phantasm 2 when I was a kid, I’ve always loved Halloween. I like the Rob Zombie remake too. As for newer movies, I like the early 2000’s Texas Chainsaw remake. I like the Friday the 13th remake by the same Director, I forget that directors name but he is really good. 

EFF: What advice would you give for those want-to-be filmmaker who are undecided in how to make their first film? 

RP: Don’t wait. That is the most crucial thing. Artistic careers are a procrastinators worst nightmare. Get to work and do it now, that way, if you are good at it, you can try to make a career out of it. If you aren’t good at it, you can do it as a hobby and put your time into finding a different career now.
Rene Perez

EFF: What is new in your career, what people can expect from you forwards? 

RP: I have a new Ninja movie called the Dragon Unleashed that I’m very happy with. I just finished a new playing with Dolls movie called Cry Havoc. I literally just put that one in the can as they say and next, I start on what I think will be a western movie. 

EFF: Wow, as usual you get keeping busy hahaha. Do you see yourself making horror films always? Or do you see yourself shooting other genres? 

RP: I’m mainly useful in Horror and Action, I’d like to do sci-fi. But yes, I’d love to do always do horror. 

EFF: If a rookie filmmaker with no experience at all, goes to you and ask you for an advise about an cheapy camera or equipments he or she can uses to make his low budget film, what would you recommend him or her? 

RP: Oh, this is the best time in human history for filmmakers and accessible gear. I’d suggest to get any 4k camera. They are all amazing. Just make sure it’s a camera and not a phone or a go-pro. You need an actual camera with interchangeable lenses. Get some cheap Lav Mics and edit on iMovie if you have to. The gear these days is so good. I’ve made commercially released movies in the past where I would have loved to have even the cheapest 4k camera’s that exist now. My main advise is, don’t let the gear slow you down. There is an embarrassment of riches as far as cheap 4k options. Cameras or lenses won't affect how good you are. Cameras are only instruments for your artistry.
Rene Perez

EFF: If a producer gives you the chance to direct a horror film remake, what would it be and why? 

RP: Remake? Um. Since they will most likely remake Phantasm at some point. I’d like to be the one who makes it. I have so many ideas for it. That would be a nice dream come true. A nice impossible fantasy. Also, they shouldn’t, but if they ever re-make, They Live or Nightbreed, call me. Haha. 

EFF: Anything else you want to say? 

RP: Thanks for taking the time for the interview. You can find me at or thedarkestmachines.

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