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When I was a kid, I always said "Wow! Those actors are awesome, besides to knows act also fight and make those stunning jumps and twists". but later I could know that  those people really are the stuntmen, and today I got the pleasure to present the little interview i did to Lauro Chartrand and expert as a stuntman with a prolific background working alongside first level actor which makes him in a first level stuntman. But he also do more stuff that be a stuntman, he acts and directs too, and we talked about his first horror film as a director: "THE BLACKBURN ASYLUM". I hope you like it.

 EFF: When did start your love for films and how did you know that your thing would be being a film director?

LC: When I was 8 years old I told my mother I wanted to be like the guy Chuck Norris was kicking through a window. She explained to me what a stuntman was and I said that's what I want to do. So my first big dream was to become a stuntman in the movies. I've always loved movies, especially action movies. My love for directing is something i grew into over the years of experience doing hundreds of movies.

I became a stunt coordinator and then a 2nd unit director, learning all I could along the way. I was eventually given the opportunity to direct my first film which was "BORN TO RAISE HELL". An action film starring Steven Seagal and Darren Shahlavi.
Born To raise Hell (2010)

EFF:  Excellent, so you are an experts in martial experts, right?

LC: I would never say I’m an expert. I am a very proficient martial artist, but i wouldn't classify myself as an expert. When started all that and how do you entered into film industry as a stuntman? I started doing toy commercials and playing a ninja and then I graduated to Gi Joe toy commercials playing frostbite and snake eyes. Then eventually I got a chance to do stunts on a TV series called MacGyver.

EFF:  If we will talk about your career as a stuntman would be forever in this interview, but tell us what was the best film for you where you were as a stuntman and what was the most difficult one?

LC: A few of my favorite films to work on have been "RUMBLE IN THE BRONX" with Jackie Chan as well as "SHANGHAI NOON", "THE LAST SAMURAI" with Tom Cruise. And recently I really enjoyed doubling Danny Trejo on "DEAD AGAIN IN TOMBSTONE". Westerns are always fun.

The most difficult was “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES”. The suits were so difficult to flip and fight in. Also I was hurt very badly on "THE HITMAN" a Chuck Norris film a long time ago. I almost died. That was the toughest.
Lauro Chartand

EFF:  You have directed two feature films and also have been on two TV series, watching that aspect, what are the bigger difference between those two formats? And which one did you like you most?

LC: For me they have been very similar because when you direct TV, you have to be precise and fast. The films I have directed were lower budgets with TV like schedules, so I also had to move very fast to get them finished. So for me as a director, it has been almost the same. I dream of the day when I will have a bigger budget to provide a longer shooting schedule so I will have the time to perfect the scenes I am shooting.
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EFF:  Your first film was an action film, and anyone would think is ok, because you are an expert action stuntman, but why you decided direct a horror film as it’s “THE BLACKBURN ASYLUM”?

LC: There were a few reasons I decided to do a horror film. My oldest daughter is a big horror fan, so I wanted to do one for her. I also wanted to do something where I could show that I am able to direct drama and set up tension in a scene. So I won't only be thought of as an action director.
Plus I really liked the producers and wanted to work with them.

EFF:  This blog focuses on Horror films, so, we must to talk about your so far, unique horror film as director "THE BLACKBURN ASYLUM" how this film dropped in into your hands?

LC: Producer Nastasha Baron and I had been friends for a few years and had been trying to develop an action series. In the meantime she wrote Blackburn and then asked me to direct it after she had watched me direct a few other things.

EFF:  Tell us the Pitching process how it was? What were your tactic to reach your budget and start this film?

LC: My many years of experience set me up well to learn how do be efficient and use my crew in the best possible way to save time and money. As well I always have a back up plan just in case something goes wrong during the shooting day, which it always does! I picked my crew carefully, knowing them all and their strengths and talents made the process much easier.

EFF:  Now the cast members, your group of colleagues are familiar faces because of others horror film, how was the casting process?

LC: Really, 80% of the cast I had worked with on other films or TV shows, so we were all friends. The cast members I hadn't worked with meshed perfectly with my friends and it made the whole process very enjoyable. So I was able to pick everyone and most were friends already for many years. I'm lucky to have so many talented friends.
Lauro Chartand and Blackburn asylum cast

EFF:  Every director either expert or novice faces issues, problems. What problems did you face in this film?

LC: My biggest problem on this film was the nights were to short! We did most all of our filming at night. We filmed from 3pm to 3am. We really only had 6 hours of darkness.  It was still daylight when we started so we needed to film inside the mine, but when we tried to move out into the mine building later it took way longer to move than we anticipated. So I had to quickly rearrange all my shooting locations so that we could do everything inside the building. It was really tough and stressful to change something in one day that we had taken 3 weeks to plan!

EFF:   What was the budget and what was the most difficult stage to finish it according the budget?

LC: Our budget was $850k in Canadian funds and we had 14 days/nights to shoot. We had a huge, super steep stair way to climb every day with film gear and it slowed us down and made our 12 hour days hell!

Blackburn Asylum scenes

EFF:  Any anecdote you went through during the shootings on "THE BLACKBURN ASYLUM"?

LC: Two funny ones! Calum worthy had to be hand cuffed in his final death scene, then the props man lost the key!! We had to call the police to come and unlock him so he could make it to his plane to fly back to la!
Teaching the older twin ladies who run the gas station how to chew and spit tobacco was hilarious! They kept spitting on themselves by accident during the scene. We all started laughing so hard we couldn't stop and it held up filming for an hour!

EFF:  What was the most difficult scene to make it in this film?

LC: The most difficult was burning Chelsea’s face!! Even though I knew we were setting it up safely so we wouldn't hurt our actress and stunt woman, it still made me NERVOUS!

EFF:  Are you a horror fan? What horror films and directors you like most and why?

Lauro Chartand in Blackburn asylum shooting

EFF:  What films inspired you to make this film? Any reference we could see in it?


EFF:  What directors has influenced on your career, directly and not directly?

LC: I’ve always been inspired by Tony Scott, Quentin Tarantino, Mel Gibson, Ridley Scott.

EFF:  How did it gone the film so far, in August was released, right? But you screened it in 2015 at many festivals, right?

LC: It's been doing very good, especially now that it's on iTunes everywhere!
Lauro Chartand
EFF:  What advice would you give for those want-to-be filmmaker who are undecided in how to make their first film?

LC: Start small and work your way up. Do something for nothing, learn how to create with very little. Learn from everyone you can. Learn what not to do as much as what to do.

EFF:  What equipments, cameras did you use for this film?

LC: We used two red dragons and an awesome director of photography, Brendan Uegama.

EFF:  Why people should go to watch or buy "The Blackburn Asylum"?

LC: It's scary, it's creepy, it's silly and it's fun. And there is even some good action. It's entertainment! 
Lauro Chartand

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