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Hello my friends, today i bring to you the interview I had the pleasure to do to Jared Cohn.. I wanted to ask him about a thousand of things but if i would make it, we will never had finished. In change i decided to run this conversation to general questions and subjects, with no get deep in any specific movie, only ask about his point of view about general issues into the film industry, maybe later we could (Jared and me) have a future conversation more specific about one of his film (And are many, really.)

Just a short resume of his life, Jared borned in New York and graduated from Jared graduated NYIT with a B.F.A in communication arts. He has been awarded from several festival fo his several films, he is besides to be a director is a writer, actor, producer, cinematographer, etc (and forward of that etc is coming a lot of roles). Among his films we found: "HOLD YOUR BREATH",  "12/12/12", "HULK BLOOD TAPES", "BUDDY HUTCHINS", "DEATH POOL", "THE HORDE", "EVIL NANNY", "LITTLE RED ROOTING HOOD", "DEVIL'S DOMAIN", etc.  -And there are more- his film "DEVIL'S DOMAIN" will be released on May 19th in theaters and DVD format. Well, I hope you guys like it. 
 EFF: Hi Jared, I am really grateful with you for has gave me the chance to interview you, really. Let me start asking you, when did born the passion for make films?

JC: In Boston, I was there for a short time, didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life and my roommate at the time was an actor and put the thought into my head. I hadn’t considered this industry before then. 

EFF: That specific moment you felt that films would be your Life?

JC: When I started working consistently. Before that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sustain myself in this industry. This happened relatively recently. 
Hold the breath (2012)
 12/12/12 (2012)
Evil Nanny (2016)

EFF: You have been a prolific director, glancing on your filmo, I see that from 2016 to now, there are 8 films, some of them were released and others are coming soon, it must be exhausting, ah?

JC: I love working, it’s the only thing that keeps my sane. I work hard. I would like to be able to sustain myself making less films, but bigger budgets and be able to devote my time entirely to these projects. 
Jared Cohn in the middle.

EFF: Why you decided to shoot most of your films on horror genre, I mean, you have directed other kind of genres but most of them are on horror genre.

JC: It seems a lot of people start in the horror genre, I have been lately doing more non-horror. Horror is the least expensive genre to start in so I followed that common trajectory. 

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EFF: Generally I talk about the last film directed, right, but with you, we will be talking about three films since last year on horror genre, but let's beginning talking about "The Horde", how the film fell into your hands and why you decided to shooting?

JC: Paul Logan the star and writer, and good friend connected me with this project and we had a blast shooting it. I would love to do another Paul Logan movie. We’ve worked together a few times. He’s a great guy. 
EFF: At the moment to direct that film, how do you wanted to focus it? I mean, what stands out in the movie?

JC: The action, acting, and cinematography and of course staying true to the story and making it entertaining is the main focus, always. 

EFF: How long was the shooting process of the film?

JC: The Horde was 15 day shoot. Tight but we got 99% of everything we needed. 
Jared Cohn and Paul Logan

EFF: Ok now, as upcoming films are "devil's domain", "Death Pool" and "The Domicile", but death pool was shot in 2015 right? What can you tell us about these films? And what has happened to death pool?

JC: Death Pool we are still trying to lock down a release date and get past a few issues, hopefully will know more soon on this. 
Death Pool (2016)

EFF: Now what highlights could you tell us about 2016 for you?

JC: Every year is now a blur, I made some movies and enjoyed making them… Halloween Hell House was great, will be posted on IMDb soon. 

EFF: You swim in so many roles, writer, producer, actor, director, if only had to make one, which one would be?

JC: Director. Then producer, because directing is a lot of work as I get older, I’d like to produce more.  

EFF: Devil's domain, touch the bully issue, why make a film about it, what do you want to show?

JC: This is a real issue that a lot of people face, kids are committing suicide because they get bullied hopefully we can shed a light on this and raise awareness. 
Devil's Domain (2017)

EFF: If you had the chances to make one of your films with a higher budget, what would be and why?

JC: I have a great war story I would like to make as well as a sort of political/police state story about a dystopian society .But yeah, need big budget for this. 

EFF: Are you still with Asylum films? I read that in one of their films you directed "Little dead rotting hood" it was wolves on set? How was that?

JC: I love The Asylum, those guys are awesome - yes we did have real wolves - it was great. Wolves are actually very nice. But they can kill very easily. 
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EFF:  What films were the longest and the shortest in terms of duration counting all the entire process?

JC: I’ve done a feature in 2 days and one in 76 days… Hulk Blood tapes, and Feed The Devil.

EFF: So many films you have over your shoulders, tell me any anecdotes that happened you during any film?

JC: There are so many, but on the last one we had an actress who wanted to go home early, which upset me so I kept shooting everyday until  we hit 12 hours (max shoot time) she stopped complaining after that. ‘Round here we shoot’ became the new mantra, probably for the rest of my time. We shoot. Coverage, coverage, coverage and/or oners. All day long. 

EFF: What kind of horror do you like? You have a vast of sub genres on your own but you must to have one favorite.

JC: Scary ones. And with good stories, like The Purge: election year, The Strangers, Stir of echoes was a more psychological movie.  

EFF: What do you think it must to contains a good horror movie in order to be successful.

JC: Nowadays, either big stars or a big P&A budget. 

EFF: What directors has inspired you on your directing style?

JC: I like Alejandro Inarritu and Damien Chazelle a lot lately. 

EFF: What equipments, cameras do you usually use in your last films?

JC: I like shooting on the Alexa, with Cooke lenses or panavision lenses or master primes. 

EFF: What advice would you give for those want-to-be filmmakers who are undecided about how to shoot their first story?

JC: Make it great, good isn’t good enough anymore to get attention. 

EFF: And now if somebody give you the chance to make a horror remake, what would you choose and why? 

JC: I’d do another Predator, but bring it back to like Predator 2, where we had some mystery and it was human vs. the Predator, I love the predator. Great costume. Very cool.  

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