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Shant Hamassian, today I get the pleasure to post the few but really richfull words with he, Shant Hamassian. He hasn't made a feature film yet, bbut in 2015 shot a wonderful and entertaining horror short film called "NIGHT OF THE SLASHER" an awarded work, it has received many acknowledgement around the world (MONSTER FEST, ¡HORROR AWARDS, FANTASTIC CINEMA, ETC), and in this talk, Shant speaks us a little about his past, present and future. I hope it likes you.
EFF: Shant, first of all thanks by let interview you. When did born the passion to makes films? When was that moment where you decided that makes films would be your thing?
SH: I was at a crossroads earlier in my life whether I was going to make films or get into videogames.  It was a 50/50 decision.  I think one day I'll go back into videogames once I've made enough successes on the film side.

EFF: "Night of the Slasher” is it your highest success up to now?
SH: It's the most successful short film I've made.  I've made other great films too, but they weren't based on a feature length idea.  So I made this to kick off a large film and it is clearly working.
EFF: When and how the idea it came to you, what things inspired you at the moment to creates this short film?
SH: That's a long story, but to make it short-- I felt like a victim in a horror film in the film industry.  And I decided to write a film on what a surviving victim would do after surviving a slasher-- she would revisit the nightmares and try to overcome it!

EFF: How did it goes the short film at festivals and with the audience response?
SH: Consistently, the audience responds very enthusiastically.  Lots of laughs, scares, and clapping.  I'm happy to reach my goal... entertaining the hell out them.

EFF: What was the hardest thing you faced with in the shooting process?
SH: Every possible thing you can imagine-- Financing, people quitting, cameras breaking.  Nothing was easy.

EFF: One of the compelling things among others, is that the short film was made it on a sequence shot. Why did you decided shooting that way?

SH: Creatively, I wanted to make a film where we don't cut-away from the scares.  We are stuck with it all the time.  I enjoy a challenge.

EFF: The short film drops us a query thing. The nature of the murderer or the slasher guy, maybe he was something in the girl mind?
SH: It's up to the audience to interpret what happened ;)

EFF:  What is new on you career now, what are you doing? Do you have in mind convert this in a feature film?
SH: Absolutely.

EFF: What cameras, equipment did you use for the short film?
SH: We used a RED SCARLET... which fell and broke.  So then we rented a RED EPIC at the last minute.

EFF: Are you a horror fan, I ask you this because this is your second horror work among the rest, right? And if you are what films do you like the most?

SH: Of course I'm a fan of horror, but I don't automatically love every horror film.  I prefer films that have a strong vision and story.  The film that got me thinking about being a filmmaker was EVIL DEAD 2.

EFF: If any producer gives you the chance to make a horror remake, what could it be and why?
SH: I would take a meeting with them and tell them "STOP".

EFF: How long it took to accomplish the short film, the whole process?
SH: A month from development to production.  Then several months for score and song.  That was the most difficult part.

EFF: What advice would you give to newbies writesr who wants to get into film industry?
SH: Direct horror films first.  There are more festivals for horror only than any other genre.  You'll have a much bigger chance getting into a few and you can see how the audience reacts to it.  You'll learn a lot this way.

EFF: Give me three horror directors you admire?
SH: Sam Raimi, Wes Craven, John Carpenter.

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